Hello, I'm Ganesh N

I'm not just a Software Developer

About me

Name: Ganesh.N

Date of Birth: 16-10-1998

Father name: Nagaraj.v

Mother name: Manjula.R

Email ID: ganeshn944870@gmail.com

Languages Known: Kannada, English

Hobbies: R&D, Drawing,
Movies, Songs, Cooking

Career Objective

To work with a company which appreciates innovation so that I can enhance my knowledge and skills to give my best for the growth of the company.

Education Qualification

B.E. in Computer Science from SSIT College with 6.69(CGPA)
Diploma from SPT College with 70%
SSLC from SSRHS School with 78%

Technical Skills

Programming Language: Python, JavaScript and C.

Platforms: Web Development, Data Science and Machine learning, Ethereum Blockchain, Mobile Application, IoT.

Server and Virtualization: AWS (EC2, RDS, S3 Bucket etc), Linux Server, Virtual Box, VMware, ProxmaxVE.

Web Programming: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript.

Web Framework: Django(Python), Flask(Python), Express.js(Node.js), PHP.

Database: PostgreSQL, MySql, MongoDB, Firebase, Microsoft Access.

OS: Windows, Linux.

Android, Web Designing and Prototyping: Figma, AdobeXD.


Activity which is done by myself

Web Applications


Web Development



Web Development


Sanjeevini Blood Bank

Web Development


XPG E-Commerce Website

Web Development


Web Development

Food Management Website

Web Development


Web Development

Accessing Webcam in Webpage

Web Development

Varsity Circle

Web Development

Anti Tubercular

Web Development

Mapbox API

Web Development

Survey Website

Web Development

Premier Comprint

Web Development



Web Development

The Epoch

Web Development

Work From Vocation

Web Development

Todo List

Web Development

Data Science and Machine Learning

Yolov4 with Custom Dataset

Machine learing

Face Recognition

Machine learing

Self Driving Car in Game

Machine learing

Handgesture with CNN

Machine learing

Venue Data Visualization

Machine learing

Amazon Review Classification

Machine learing


Agriculture Products Supplychain

Blockchain Technology

Genuine News

Blockchain Technology

Ngo Donation

Blockchain Technology

Smart RTO

Blockchain Technology

Gift Card NFT

Blockchain Technology

Mobile Applications


App Design

Web and Mobile App Design


App Design


App Design

FunU_clone Design Clone

App Design

DIY Projects

Arduino Controller

DIY Project

DIY Spot Welding Machine

DIY Project

Line Following Robot

DIY Project

Building Drone

DIY Project

Model Rocket Circuit Schematic

Circuit Design

About My Extra Curriculum

My Knowledge and Handfull Experience

  • January 2014

    Basic Computer Crouse

    I just started journey with Basic Computer Crouse in Bangalore when i was in 9th std.

  • 2015-16

    Computer and Laptop Service 2015

    After 10th summer i started learning internal parts and hardware from assembling the hardware parts to repair the motherboard and completed the course.

  • 2016-17

    Started learning Web Pages

    When I was in Diploma in CS, just started build simple responsible web page using Bootstrap and after few mouths started server site programing Using Servlet with the help of Java program.

  • 2017-18

    Developed Website and converted into Android app for Final project in Diploma

    Me and my team developed Rent Home System as responsible Web site so that we can able to converted the Website into Android app using Android studio.

  • 2018-19

    Building my own Web Servers and Networking

    I started learning Web Server architecture and how to host multiple website in my own server system and learnt different platform like
    Containerized: Docker, Kubernetes
    Hyperviser: Proxmax
    OS: Linux Server, Windows server and Online platform: AWS, Digitalocean.

  • 2019-20


    Doing an IOT intenship from BOLT IOT and started doing IOT based project like Vertical Forming.

  • 2020

    Upcoming Progress

    Working on developing Computer Vision for Self driving, Mechine Learning with Hertical Forming,Natural Language Programing bot, AI Drone and Nano Satalite Design

  • It is
    Just a

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